Please support the DeMatha Soccer 5K Fundraiser.

At DeMatha Catholic High School, our goal every year is to run first-class soccer programs to support DeMatha Soccer Academy, Roadrunners FC, and DM Soccer. To do that, we need your help. Our funding from player fees gives us a good start but does not cover everything we need to make our players' season a truly memorable one. The funds raised with this online donations fundraiser will go directly to paying for season expenses in the upcoming year.

We want to give our student-athletes the best opportunity to succeed and create as many new memories as possible. Our soccer program is asking for your assistance to help make this possible. Any donation is greatly appreciated and a tax-deductible receipt will be issued for your support.

A Message from Head Coach Andrew Quinn...

As the Head Coach of all DeMatha Soccer Programs, I am very excited about the 2023 season. We have a great group of young men and women who are passionate about the game of soccer and great stewards of the game. Players improve at the game of soccer by being in the program, but they also develop a lot of life skills that will lead to future success.  They learn to work as a team, how to compete, how to receive constructive criticism, and how to handle successes and failures.  Some players will go on to play in college, but they all go on to be outstanding men, women, and contributors to society. 

It takes vision, commitment, and resources to achieve the goals we hope to accomplish as players, coaches, and as a program. Funding for our program continues to be generated primarily by our players, and their parents, as well as by the generosity and support of our community. The purpose of this fundraiser is to support the operations of our soccer programs and to ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality experience and can afford to participate. The goal of our program is to provide our players with the most professional and enjoyable experience possible. To accomplish this, we require assistance in raising funds in order to offset the surplus cost of equipment, field rentals, coach development/education/recruitment, travel and food, league fees, and administrative costs. In addition, we require financial assistance for our families in need. It is my pleasure to personally thank everyone for their support of our program and invite you to attend a game this season.

Thank you for supporting our DeMatha Soccer Academy, Roadrunners FC and DM Soccer programs!